Saguaro Materials Research is focused on keeping the planet green, these are not just word to describe our company but words that hold true to our values. Since our re-birth in 2013 we have worked on green energy projects, such as Hydrogen generators for auto use, Browns Gas it called which can increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and reduce toxic emissions. bio-diesel which can significantly reduce the emissions of diesel engines, where on our second submission we passed the stringent ASTM test for bio-diesel quality. One of our bio-diesel reactors made a brief appearance on an episode of National Geographic's Doomsday Peppers with a good friend of our Chad Hudspeth at Endless Food Systems. Micro Algae growth to be used for harvesting Algae oil to make bio-diesel.

While working on the bio-diesel and Algae we had a customer/partner as us if we could make a energy saving device for lights as he was in the process of building a green energy house. We evaluated the device and made a prototype which gave us some ideas. the device itself did not actually reduce energy use it only let the user run a regular CFL light bulb from a 9volt battery; interesting! Using that as a basic idea we started working on a device that could actually save energy and the result of that is our j-Factor (j short for joule pronounced jewel), the j-Factor is a hybrid driver for LED lighting which can saved 30% or more energy consumed over traditional LED drivers.

Check out National Geographics "Doomsday Preppers" this Tuesday Nov 7

Our firends at Endless Food Systems, Chad Huspeth is appearing on this weeks episode of Doomsday Preppers, we had our systems on-site during the...


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